Pregnancy Scans

Experts in early anomaly detection. Provide complete range of private baby scans. Fetal echocardiography (examination of the heart) performed in every scan. 3D and 4D complimentary with any scan with COLOUR printouts.


Private Baby Scans in London: Where technology meets expertise

Our goal is to help you in your journey toward successful birth of healthy baby. We are experts in fetal health, hearts and well-being.  Every City Ultrasound private baby scan is profound and all inclusive. 

We perform state-of-the art pregnancy ultrasound scans in London. Our ultrasound examinations completely cover the key stages of your baby's development during the pregnancy. The pregnancy weeks of every scan was specially selected in order to achieve the best optimal diagnostic performance. All additional options of the scans like 3D/4D ultrasound, detailed fetal heart examination, growth assessment and other indications are organically included in our 5 main scheduled scans.

8-11 Weeks

Viability Scan

Confirming viability, checking for twins, dating (EDD), verification of normal development of the pregnancy and the baby (embryo)

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12-16 Weeks

Early Baby Scan

Through top-to-toe examination of the anatomy of the young baby in order to exclude severe anomalies as early as possible. Our unique early anomaly scan. Includes NT.

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20-23 Weeks

Anomaly Scan

Ultimate detailed scan of the fetal anatomy. Extensive checklist of the organs and structures, with special attention to the heart and brain. Screening for vasa previa.

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28-34 Weeks

Baby Development Scan

Confirming normal fetal growth, wellbeing and checking the environment in the womb. Aiming to exclude majority of anomalies with delayed development not visible earlier.

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36-40 Weeks

Baby Position Scan

Aiming to exclude undiagnosed breech presentation (bottom down). Also include mandatory checks for placental position, amniotic fluid and fetal growth.

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8-40 Weeks

Scan upon request

If you need to have any scan out of our proposed schedule for reassurance or for other reason. Will obligatory include growth and wellbeing check. Appointments ASAP.

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8-34 Weeks

3D/4D Scan

We use latest 3D/4D ultrasound technology and software that works for the health of your baby. We perform 4D scan for free with any of our scans. We do not perform non medical private 4D scan.

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12-34 Weeks

Cardiac Scan (Fetal Echocardiography)

Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) are the most common and difficult fetal anomalies. Our scans are heart focused and during every scan at 12-34 weeks we perform Fetal Echocardiography.

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11-13 Weeks

Nuchal Scan

Evaluation of nuchal translucency (NT) is included into our Early Baby Scan at 12-13 weeks. NT is a small fluid-filled area on the back of baby's neck. It is nonspecific marker of baby's well-being.

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From 13 Weeks

Gender Scan

Finding-out the sex of your baby is possible at any scan from 13 weeks. On the other hand we do not perform quick "private gender scan" without thorough top-to-toe examination for your baby.

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8-40 Weeks

Reassurance Scan

Every our scan aims to reassure the parents regarding baby's well-being. If you feel need for reassurance as soon as possible please book Scan Upon Request.

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8-40 Weeks

Wellbeing Scan

We check fetal well-being at every scan. For 3rd trimester Baby's Wellbeing Scan please book Baby Development Scan which include also check of anatomy to exclude late fetal anomalies.

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8-40 Weeks

Growth Scan

We check fetal growth at every scan. For 3rd trimester Baby's Growth Scan please book Baby Development Scan which include also check of anatomy to exclude late fetal anomalies.

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8-40 Weeks

Transvaginal Scan

Transvaginal scan (TVS) is free add-on option for any of our scans. TVS provides extraordinary resolution and may dive unique information regarding the baby, cervix and other structures.

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28-40 Weeks

Doppler Scan

Doppler technology evaluates fetal blood flow. We use Color Doppler for meticulous examination of the fetal heart structure and function. We also use Doppler to evaluate fetal well-being.

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16-34 Weeks

Cervical Scan

It is a transvaginal scan to measure length of the cervix. Our cervical length measurement is a free add-on scan performed for women who have an increased risk of delivering their baby preterm.

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Urgent scan - NO urgent service

City Ultrasound has NO facilities for urgent treatment and if you have serious problem please go to a hospital. If you need speedy reassurance for NOT urgent reason please book Scan Upon Request.

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