Harmony NIPT & Viability Scan: 10+ weeks


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Affordable Harmony Test in London for just £390. Viability scan by high definition ultrasound and 4D scan from 10 weeks included. Free pretest counselling for NIPT. No hidden fees.

NIPT & Harmony Test in London: short summary

  • Currently NIPT is the best screening test for Downs syndrome
  • Screening for trisomy 21 (Downs syndrome), trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome) and trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome)
  • Very accurate in early prediction of the baby sex (optional - by request)
  • We have carefully selected Harmony Test from all other NIPT London providers
  • Can be done from 10 weeks of pregnancy
  • Performed together with the ultrasound scan at the same appointment
  • Not able to check baby's physical health and to exclude structural anomalies
  • Harmony Test results time in London is about 3-5 working days
  • In 3% of cases there are no-call results
  • If the NIPT is positive, further referral/testing will be needed 

We recommend use of Harmony Test as an integral part of Early Baby Test at 12 weeks in order to check fetal physical and genetic health as early as possible

Difference between Harmony Test and Early Baby Test: comparison chart

London City Ultrasound Harmony Test Options

  1. This test at 10-11 weeks - no fetal anatomy check possible due to early stage of gestation. Impossible to exclude structural anomalies 
  2. Early Baby Test at 12-13 weeks. Our recommend test, which includes early anomaly scan (early baby scan) and Harmony Test
  3. From 14 weeks Harmony Test can be add-on examination to any of the scans

Learn More

This package of Harmony Test at 10-11 weeks includes

  • Viability Scan with 4D scan included as well as complimentary COLOUR printouts.
  • Explanation about Harmony Test, Q & A and Informed Consent
  • Harmony Test: blood sample
  • Printed Viability Scan Report
  • Report of the Harmony Test results in up to 7 days via email
  • Baby printouts
  • Baby pictures and videos via secure cloud
  • Harmony test results interpretation

What can be checked at Viability Scan?

  • Position of the pregnancy sac in the womb
  • Viability of the baby by presence of the fetal heart beat
  • Number of fetuses and type of twins or triplets in the case of multiple pregnancy
  • Gestational age and estimated date of delivery (EDD) by measurement of crown rump length (CRL) of the baby

Please note that any scan at 10 weeks is unable to check baby's anatomy (physical health) properly. It is because small size of the baby and incompleteness of its embryological development.

From 12 weeks we will be able to perform Early Baby Test to check fetal physical and genetic health.

Who is NOT eligible for Harmony Test?

Please do not book the Harmony Test  and contact us for further assistance if you have any of those conditions:

  • pregnancy younger than 10 weeks
  • active cancer or other oncologic condition 
  • pregnancy with fetal demise (singleton or twin)
  • vanishing twin pregnancy
  • multiple pregnancy with more than two fetuses
  • previous bone marrow or organ transplants
  • maternal chromosomal abnormality
  • women under the age of 18

How do we perform Viability Scan?

Viability scan is MUST condition and we perform it before blood sample to confirm normality of the pregnancy.

Our advanced ultrasound technology allows performance of viability scan transabdominally.

In some cases we will need to perform transvadinal scan.

We do NOT need full urinary bladder for the scan. Please feel free to empty your bladder before the scan.