Harmony NIPT + Early Anomaly Scan 10+ weeks


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What is the Early Fetal Test?

The Early Fetal Test is unique early examination of the fetus performed by City Ultrasound which checks fetal physical and genetic health.

The Early Fetal Test is a combination of two tests: ultrasound scan and blood test which are performed at the same appointment.

The test consists of:

  • Early Fetal Scan
  • NIPT (Harmony test)

It is an advanced screening test aiming to detect majority of lethal and severe fetal conditions and it is specially targeted to Down’s syndrome, trisomy 18 and trisomy 13, spina bifida, early severe brain anomalies, severe heart defects and other serious abnormalities.

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When it is optimal to perform the Early Baby Test?

The best time period for the Early Baby Test is:

  • From 12+0 to 13+6 weeks

It is possible to perform Early Baby Test from 10+0 weeks of pregnancy, however in this case we will need to use an unique high resolution transvaginal probe to accomplish this task and we will only be able to screen for 10 severe structural anomalies.

How we perform Early Fetal Test?

Preparation: You do not need to have full urinary bladder or any other special preparations for the test.

Firstly, we perform Early Fetal Scan and will confirm gestational age and well-being of the baby, we will perform top-to-toe examination of fetal organs with special attention to heart and brain/spine. we will measure nuchal translucency (NT) thickness.

The best results of the scan are achieved by combination of transabdominal and transvaginal scan. In some cases our advanced ultrasound technology allows performance of viability scan transabdominally only.

The transvaginal scan is optional, however there are some situations that the scan can not be completed without it. Anyway you can opt to avoid the transvaginal scan.

If the scan does not raise any concerns, we will inform you about normal findings and reassure you. We will write you ultrasound report and send you special access code for your baby’s images on safe cloud storage.

Secondly, we will give you full explanation regarding Harnomy Test (NIPT). We will take your blood sample for Harmony Test. The sample will be taken by courier same day or next morning to TDL.

TDL (The Doctors Laboratory) is a major high-tech laboratory service provider in UK. It is situated on Euston Road, London. They will start to proceed your sample as soon as possible. It takes few days to perform cfDNA analysis for NIPT.

TDL will send us result and we will contact you immediately. NIPT is the most time consuming test that TDL performs and usually it takes up to one week to get the results.