Scan Upon Request

Scan Upon Request

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Non-urgent questions or requests

If you require a Reassurance Scan as a second opinion or for any other reason, we are happy to accommodate this. Usually we are able to offer appointments the following day within our working hours (subject to availability, we may sometimes be able to arrange same-day appointments). Please contact us on 020 3687 2939 to enquire about our same-day availability.

Any scans performed upon request will include the most comprehensive examinations of fetal anatomy and wellbeing

We are fully committed to providing the best possible diagnostic imaging and doing everything we can to exclude any fetal anomalies or conditions. The structures we examine will primarily depend on the gestational age and other circumstances. However, every scan will include an examination of the fetal brain and heart.

We do NOT provide counselling and management for fetal anomalies

Please note that at City Ultrasound we provide high quality screening and diagnostic services, however at the moment we do NOT provide counselling for the management of pregnancies with fetal anomalies.

In the UK, this type of counselling, management, and treatment is provided by the NHS Fetal Medicine Units.

If you exhibit any serious symptoms, please go directly to an NHS or private hospital

City Ultrasound does not have facilities for urgent treatment. Therefore, if you have serious abdominal cramping, bleeding, fluid leakage, absence of fetal movements, or any other abnormal symptoms, please go directly to a hospital. Booking one of our scans under such circumstances can be counterproductive and cause delays in the urgent treatment you may require.                                            

Scan Upon Request