Comprehensive Scan Plan: All-inclusive Ultrasound Care

Pregnancy Scan Package


What is Pregnancy Scan Package?

Our Pregnancy Scan Package is simple and all-inclusive. It is based on 4 advanced screening scans during your pregnancy. It is created to help every future mother to be sure about health of her baby and be prepared properly for delivery. We are care about everything in your pregnancy.

The plan includes:

  • Early Baby Scan at 12 weeks
  • Anomaly Scan at 22 weeks
  • Developmental Scan at 32 weeks
  • Pre-delivery Scan at 37 weeks

The plan can be supplemented by NIPT (Harmony Test) in order to significantly reduce also the chance for Down’s syndrome.

What is 12+22+32+37 weeks scanning schedule?

Four most important scans are carefully selected. We use simple and memorable formula which is amazingly fits into the best scanning schedule: 12+22+32+37 weeks.

Understandably there is some flexibility in the scan appointments and majority of the scans have periods about 2-3 weeks for their optimal performance. It means that, for example, anomaly scan optimally can be performed at 21-23 weeks.

What are the aims of the Pregnancy Scan Package?

  • Early screening for fetal physical (structural) anomalies
  • Screening for abnormalities with late development
  • Baby’s growth supervision
  • Baby’s well-being care
  • Placental checks
  • Screening for vasa previa
  • Diagnosis of other possible complications of the womb

Does this package includes screening for Down’s syndrome?

No, this package has no aim to screen for Down’s syndrome. It is oriented for detection of physical abnormalities, growth disturbances and to confirm baby’s well-being and normal intrauterine environment. This checklist is extremely important for your journey toward successful birth of healthy baby. If the baby has some treatable condition it will be very important to be prepared to its birth in order to provide him/her the best treatment.

If you interested in screening for Downs syndrome you have those options:

  1. To add NIPT (Harmony Test) which has 99.8% detection rate for Down’s syndrome.
  2. To have Combined Screening in your NHS trust (about 90% detection rate for Down’s syndrome).

If you wish to avoid screening for Down’s syndrome we will respect your choice, support your decision and provide the best care for your baby.

Does this package includes screening for Edward’s and Patau’s syndromes (trisomies 18 and 13)?

Those chromosomal conditions are serious and usually are associated with multiple physical abnormalities. 

Although, this package has no direct aim to diagnose those chromosomal conditions we will be able to detect majority of physical anomalies, which can be associated with trisomy 18 and 13 and refer you for your health provider.

In extremely rare cases fetuses with trisomy 18 and 13 have no detectable physical abnormalities and will be undiagnosed by scans alone.

Harmony Test and Combined Screening Test both have reasonably good detection rates for trisomy 18 and 13.

Can this package exclude all anomalies?

We will perform maximal effort to check your baby to exclude physical anomalies, however it is impossible to exclude completely all anomalies and especially all rare genetic conditions or disabilities including developmental delay.

Why we have only one Pregnancy Scan Package?

We believe that every woman needs to have those 4 screening scans during her pregnancy. Every scan has different aim and give the answers on variety of specific for given stage of pregnancy questions.

Our screening package is created with complete accordance of the ALARA principle (i.e. as low as reasonably achievable). ALARA, a fundamental approach to the safe use of diagnostic ultrasound is to use the lowest output power and the shortest scan time consistent with acquiring the required diagnostic information (The British Medical Ultrasound Society Guidelines for the safe use of diagnostic ultrasound equipment).

We are not going to confuse our future mothers by huge variety of Gold, Platinum, ets scanning packages, which include different amount of scans in accordance with parents budget. We believe that out plan is the optimal for every pregnant woman and also money saving.

We are happy to perform additional scans if there is any clinical indication or need for reassurance of the parents.  

Pregnancy Scan Package: all-inclusive ultrasound care