Baby Scan Packages

Our aim is to help you on your journey towards a successful birth of a healthy baby. Both of our baby scan packages are composed of advanced tests for maximum reassurance.



Early Baby Test: The Best 1st Trimester Screening Package

Early Fetal Test: We offer a unique screening option which includes a combination of the Early Baby Scan and the Harmony NIPT. Together these two innovative tests are able to exclude many heart defects, spina bifida, lethal anomalies, Down’s syndrome, and other severe health problems at the earliest stage possible (10 weeks of pregnancy).

If you would like all-inclusive care, which includes tests for all stages of pregnancy, please refer to our Pregnancy Scan Package (see below), since the Early Fetal Test can be added to this comprehensive package.

10-16 Weeks

Early Baby Test

Week 10-16 of your pregnancy is an excellent time to book the Early Baby Test. This package includes the advanced Early Baby Scan and the blood test for NIPT (non-invasive prenatal testing): both of which are performed during the same appointment. These tests aim to reassure you about the health of your baby in the early stages of pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Scan Package: The Complete Ultrasound Plan for Every Pregnant Woman

Our Pregnancy Scan Package  is simple and all-inclusive. It is based on four advanced screening ultrasounds, which will help you confidently prepare for delivery and reassure you about the health of your baby.

We aim to ensure the health of your baby during every stage of your pregnancy and believe that the combinations of these scans are essential for this. Every scan is focused on different elements of your baby’s well-being dependent on the stage of pregnancy, which helps provide an overall picture of your baby’s health throughout the gestational period.

The scans we perform and the specific features we assess are carefully selected based on scientific evidence and extensive clinical expertise. If findings indicate the need for additional scans, we are happy to incorporate these into your schedule at a discounted price.

We have ensured that the price to quality ratio of this plan is very competitive, particularly considering we pay special attention to fetal echocardiography (baby’s heart scan) incorporated into every scan included in the package.

You can also add the NIPT (Non-invasive Prenatal Testing) to the Pregnancy Scan Package to exclude certain chromosomal anomalies.


12+22+28+36 Weeks

Pregnancy Scan Package

This package includes four scans that have been carefully selected in order to monitor the health of your pregnancy. We use a simple and memorable formula, which is representative of the optimal scanning schedule:

12+22+28+36 weeks.

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