Medical Images

BabyZoom &  BabyCloud

Introducing BabyZoom: you can now share your scanning experiece in realtime using a Zoom conference. BabyCloud: We use secure a cloud-based system to send you baby’s ultrasound images, videos and reports

We are proud to be innovators, our advanced technology allows us you to offer various ways to share your scan!

BabyCloud – get the images, vidoes and medical report directly to your mobile or email, as soon as your scan is over! This is a complimentary service to all of our patients, as well as a physical copy of select baby images and ultrasound report. 

BabyZoom* – we are the first clinic in the world to offer a service to share your baby scan live with your loved ones, wherever they may be. We can stream the image you are seeing on the ultrasound machine via a Zoom conference call. No more awkward WhasApp/FaceTime calls where you can barely see anything!

* BabyZoom is an-odd service, charged at £10. The length of the call is typically 3-5 minutes, and we will only be able to offer if you request this service in advance. We would like to remind you that we are a medical service and the wellbeing of your baby is our top priority. Please appreaciate that on some occasions, due to unnforseen circumatances or findings we will not be able to offer this service.

BabyCloud, how does it work?

It is simple!

We use Tricefy – a highly secure, cloud-based system, which allows you to immediately receive high-quality images and videos to your mobile phone or email. You can print, store, publish, share with family and friends, or send to doctor.

  • Open your Email or SMS from City Ultrasound.
  • Tap the link to your images.

What about security of the data?

Tricefy is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulated and is compliant with both FDA (Class I classification) and GDPR, protected by multiple patents.

Furthermore, to protect your personal data, the images of your baby will be anonymised.

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