Our Fees

We are extending our 20% discount offer on ultrasound scans

NHS staff: 25% off scans and 10% off NIPT packages

3 month 0% instalment option is now available on our packages, please visit Tabeo or call us on 020 3687 2939

Private scan price list for singleton pregnancies:

Twins & multiple pregnancies scans fees:

Please be advised that twin pregnancies are charged +20% for each scan - we look at each baby individually and so it takes the clinician twice as long as examining one baby

Similarly triplets are charged at +40% the quoted scan price, in 20% increments per baby.

* Harmony Test (NIPT) is only offered from 10 weeks of pregnancy, and in combination with one of the scans below. We strongly recommend performing Harmony Test as part of the Early Baby Test at 12 weeks

  • NIPT & Viability scan (10-11 weeks only)
  • Early Baby Test (Early Baby Scan + NIPT) - our recommendation
  • Anomaly Scan
  • Baby Development Scan
  • Scan Upon Request

Fetal echocardiography, 4D baby scan & Gender Reveal are included for free

Every pregnancy scan listed below includes expert fetal heart examination (echocardiography) & 4D ultrasound. There is also an optional gender reveal with every scan from 13 weeks. Please note, provided there are no abnormalities orunderlying issues with the baby's developmet, we can determine the baby's gender with a high certainly from 13 weeks using ultrasound (about ~95% accurate). From 14 weeks the baby's gender can be determined at close to 100% accuracy using ultrasound.

  • Early Baby Scan
  • Anomaly Scan
  • Baby Development Scan
  • Scan Upon Request