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Next Generation Imaging

Private Ultrasound London: We Are Experts in Baby’s Health

We continue to provide our essential diagnostic private pregnancy scans during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. All of our pregnancy scans are diagnostic and performed experienced Fetal Medicine qualified doctors, read the CQC guide for choosing a baby scan clinic. 


Why Choose City Ultrasound London?

Where Technology Meets Expertise

The Best NIPT Option

Early Anomaly Scan From 10 Weeks

3rd Trimester Pregnancy Support

Do you want reassurance about your baby’s physical and genetic health as early as possible? Early reassurance with our Harmony Early Baby Test* from 10 weeks of pregnancy

We are world-renowned leaders in the early detection of fetal anomalies and we are committed to providing information for parents regarding the health of their baby as early as possible. We have introduced the Early Baby Test (Early Fetal Test), which is a next-generation screening method combining the Early Baby Scan (Early Fetal Scan) and Harmony Test (NIPT).

This unique first-trimester reassurance package is able to confirm baby’s physical and genetic health as early as at 10 weeks.

The Early Baby Scan and Harmony Prenatal Test (NIPT) performed from 10 weeks of pregnancy

The combination of ultrasound technology and genetic testing is able to exclude the large proportion of structural and chromosomal anomalies, such as severe heart defects, spina bifida, lethal anomalies, and to reduce the chance for Downs Syndrome from the earliest stage possible.

We are experts in fetal structural (physical) anomalies and are happy to assist your pregnancy care provider with establishment of correct diagnosis

We will do our best to provide same day or next day appointments. Please note we do not perform urgent assessments and when you have bleeding, pains, reduced fetal movements and other serious symptoms. Please contact/visit your hospital urgently. 

We are a fetal heart focused centre

Congenital heart defects (CHD) are the most common fetal anomalies.
Heart defects are difficult to detect, and cardiac anomalies are often missed during ultrasound scans because of the complexity and rapid heart rate (about 150 beats per minute) of the fetal heart, making it challenging to examine.
As a result, we perform a comprehensive examination of the baby’s heart (fetal echocardiography or fetal echo) for no additional fee during every scan performed between 12 and 34 weeks of pregnancy.

What you need to know about your pregnancy scan London

Check the important information about your pregnancy and baby examination.
What you expect to see, to know and to get from the ultrasound assessment. 

* Use of term baby instead of fetus (foetus) or embryo

The correct scientific and medical terms for unborn human child are embryo (until 10 menstrual weeks) and fetus or foetus (from 11 weeks to birth). However, we recognise that many future parents refer their fetus (foetus) as ‘baby’. That is why we have made the decision to use the term ‘baby’ instead of ‘fetus’ or ’embryo’. For more information please read our T&C.